Updates 1/29/2015

Nothing is changing with the format, but we found to our surprise that some people were confused by the term “podcast”.  We are now calling it a “web series”.  Weird, but a small change to make.

We will still be the ultimate unboxing video upon launch, and we can’t do it without YOU!  Yes, you.  We will need money for crates to unbox, salaries so that we can reduce/eliminate other jobs to do this full-time, taxes, Indiegogo fees, etc.  Look for Piper’s infographic to come.  That’s where the upcoming Indiegogo campaign comes in.  But what rewards do you want?  Tell us in the comments, the Bug Us! tab, Twitter, etc.  We want to hear from you!

We also need to spread the word.  You can help out with that too.  Tweet and share our posts and give your friends our web address.  More and more of these mystery crates are out there and we want to help you find out what you want to know.  How do the contents compare?  The prices?  Are they worth the money?  How do they work?  We’ll find that out and much more.  Tell us what else you want to know!

Remember, Think Outside The Box!

About Brain Drippings

Conservative Christian on the political border between Tea Party Republican and Libertarian. Husband and father of three. I co-host Outside the Box.
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