Seth’s Follow Up To NerdBlock V LootCrate

The comment was made that Piper and I looked like children who didn’t get what they wanted for Christmas.

I agree.

March seemed to be a disappointing month given what I’ve come to expect from these companies.  The quality seemed to be lacking.  And that goes beyond the video.

Here’s what happened after:

The whoopie cushion popped when used under a woman who doesn’t even top 100lb sopping wet.

And the spy t-shirt faded after just one wash.  Never had that problem with any mystery crate shirt before.

The April teasers seem promising, so I’ll wait to see if this was just a hiccup.

About Brain Drippings

Conservative Christian on the political border between Tea Party Republican and Libertarian. Husband and father of three. I co-host Outside the Box.
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