The Heroes 2 LootCrate Unboxing!

Ok, we weren’t able to do our usual unboxing today due to scheduling conflicts.  Shame too, this was one of my favorite LootCrates so far!  So never fear, this month’s LootCrate shall be unboxed in article form this time.  And yes, I have pics!


This month was a big box!


The QR code leads to an online quiz about Wonder Woman.  Didn’t play well with my phone.


The main item alone made me feel like I got my money’s worth.  It was a Qmx Q-Pop figure of the ’66 Batman!


Looking good, Mr. West!


Loving the DC Bombshells Wonder Woman mini-poster!  Very Rosie the Riveter.


The Batman multi-tool keyring is going in my utility belt!  It has both phillips and flathead screwdriver tips, as well as a bottle opener.


Live long, prosper, and have a nice smelling car with the Star Trek air freshener.


It may be dangerous to go alone, but I doubt a sweatband will make it any safer.


The usual magazine.


That Mega Crate looks awesome!  I really hope to win as it includes a phone and my screen is broken.

It has a 1/6 R2D2, a custom XBox One, an HTC One M9 phone, Zelda backpack with wallet/hat/scarf, Gamevice iPad Mini accessory, a full set of Scott Pilgrim hardcovers, a Star Trek pool chair, and unspecified items under and more.

Also, there will be mini mega crates containing a 3d Superman puzzle and a Bat-Signal.  I already have one of these signals, which you’ll see in later pictures.


I have often gone on record as not really caring much for digital loot.  This turned out to be pretty good.  Not only did I get the exclusive items, but the game as well.  Code is on reverse side.


Of course, what LootCrate would be complete without the pin?  Onto the bag it goes!


This book is looking good!  I’m a comics history buff.  While I knew about Herbie the Human Saucer, I’m finding out about all kinds of other obscure characters I never knew existed!


LootCrate has been known for the fun things that they do with their boxes.  Interestingly enough, this feature really got started with the first Heroes crate.


Unfold the box…


Flip it inside out…


Put it together…


And you get a little building!


It makes for a nice rooftop that Batman can patrol!


Now where is he?


Don’t forget the marker!


Batman is ready to answer the signal! (Not included, but you might win one in a mini mega crate!)


Ready for action!


Looks like the Gotham City Sirens have left him speechless…

(Artwork is a wallpaper provided by the artist, Nebezial, for private use)


Once you have removed the Kapow! sticker, you can use the included dry erase marker to write your own captions!



Let’s get a better look at that keychain, shall we?

All in all, this is one of my favorite crates so far.  The figure and the book make up the value.  After all, the standard Batman Q-Pop is $20, let alone a special ’66 edtion.  It was LootCrate’s first sequel crate, and a strong one at that.  Hopefully we’ll see the same with their Villains crate (and hopefully a reissue!  Seriously, I’m still kicking myself for missing out on that one!).  What will next month bring?

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4 Responses to The Heroes 2 LootCrate Unboxing!

  1. This was one of my favorite crates too. Love the classic Batman figurine and hardcover book. Nice write-up!


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