Two Days Later – A Heroes 2 LootCrate Follow-Up

Ok, it’s been two days since I unboxed the Heroes 2 Crate from LootCrate, and I already have a couple of misgivings.

The Batman multi-tool key ring from Paladone used to look like this:

IMG_20150725_142042215_HDR[1]Now, it looks like this:IMG_20150727_162252812[1]IMG_20150727_162302239[1]Mind you, this is just from using it as a keyring.  I haven’t tested the screwdrivers or bottle opener yet.  Notice the little link attaching it to the keyring in the first picture?  Notice that it’s missing from the other two?  Yeah, I just took my keys out of my pocket and it fell off.  I had to manually attach the bat directly to the main keyring.  Not good quality.

As for the Q-Pop from Qmx?   It’s a good figure, good whiteboard, bad whiteboard support.  The caption whiteboard broke off while setting the figure up for display.  Fortunately, it was easily fixed with super glue.  I still like the LootCrate exclusive ’66 Batman paint job.

I’ve had no other problems with this crate and I am looking forward to the Villains 2 crate next month.  I can’t complain too much, as the Q-Pop retails for the same price as I paid for the whole crate!  Definitely got my money’s worth.

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