Updates-Including More Heroes2 Follow Up

Recently I unboxed the Heroes2 box from LootCrate and encountered some issues.  I have reached out to LootCrate, Qmx, and Paladone regarding these matters.  Below are the results.

LootCrate has not responded, and that’s OK.  I didn’t go through their proper customer service process, so that is to be expected.  And what would I reasonably expect anyway?  They were quality issues from the manufacturer, and not anything within their control.

The following is my interaction with Qmx:

And Paladone:

It is refreshing to see that Paladone is willing to replace their product and I found the interaction pleasant.

I should note that in spite of the warnings, I tried the bottle opener.  It was uneventful, but difficult.  Not exactly an ergonomic design.

Be sure to check out Battle Bin, I hear that they are accepting preorders, and we may very well get to unbox a sample for you in September.

Also, Nintendo may be starting their own crate, so we will be watching for that.

Any crates not on our links?  Use the Bug Us! tab to let us know!  Be sure to include a link.


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