Last Heroes2 Follow Up

I’ve had a chance to test the replacement keychain from Paladone that was featured in the last LootCrate.  The results are as follows:


Here are the old and new keychains for comparison.


Notice this link?  It fell off in two days on my first one.  Only one day this time.  Easy fix is to thread the keyring through the hole of the bat wing directly.

IMG_20150803_181255891_HDR[1]Like I did with the old one, pictured above.

IMG_20150805_193152735_HDR[1]Gotta say, this time the paint held up.  This was taken a week later.  Much better than the two days of the original.

All in all, I’m pretty pleased with the way Paladone handled the whole thing.  My keyring is in better shape, they were quite friendly to deal with, and their reply was prompt.  As for the missing link, my solution works for me.

Related to the crate this came in: I’ve become addicted to Brawlhalla, which I obtained through Steam with the download code from the same crate.  I may do a review.  We’ll see.

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Conservative Christian on the political border between Tea Party Republican and Libertarian. Husband and father of three. I co-host Outside the Box.
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